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For the past 6 months, I've been slowly reducing the amount of clients I've been working with, and slowly ramping up the amount of stuff I produce for myself. If there is one tip I could give people in my position - that is, people who want to become self-sufficent, and truely be there own boss - and thats JUST SHIP IT.

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VueJS is my frontend Javascript framework of choice. Cordova is my mobile prototyping framework of choice. Today, I wanted to see if I could quickly take a web app I was working on, and make it into a web application super quick.

Everything was awesome until I hit this:

Build complete.

Tip: built files are meant to be served over an HTTP server.
Opening index.html over file:// won't work.

Bugger! Don't worry - I found the issue, and have a really quick fix!

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Recently, I've been wondering how developers stress test web systems after needing to stress test a system myself. My requirements, I thought, were not that unique:

  • Be able to record "user stories(?)" so the system can be tested under realistic conditions
  • Be able to be scaled up to a specific amount of "users"
  • Use a REAL BROWSER so javascript can be tested
  • Report page load times, which can be corroborated to other analytics such as server render time

It wasn't simple, and I've ended up rolling my own!

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BHB - The Finished MVP
Apr 17, 2017 20:04

Its been a busy 4 days.

I've gone from Idea to MVP over this Easter bank holiday. My Diary idea (Read my first post about the idea here) has gone from ideas on a trello board, to a system where I am nearly happy for real people to use.

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Today has been a fun day - I've managed to really get a great deal done! The previous two days were productive as I managed to get a basic prototype built out (you can view that here) but I needed to get an actual design actually designed and made, as well as start looking at how I was going to manage users.

Its amazing how much you can get done in 8 hours - from a drawing to working code!

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