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Serverless Websites
Feb 18, 2017 10:02

I've been interested in serverless web systems ever since I was asked by a client to setup a store on the popular p2p marketplace called OpenBazaar. The idea fascinated me - instead of connecting to normal servers, you connect to peers - like Torrents - and download the websites from them. The only issue for me with this system was that you had to download software to do it. This got me thinking - can you do the same sort of things with normal websites, without downloading new software?

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During Hackference we ran a short (it was due to be longer, but due to other issues, it was only an hour long) quiz, which enabled anybody to SMS a number with an answer to a question, to enter to try and win a prize. Having only a short space of time to build something (don't ask - but it was about an hour, two including testing and deploying) I hooked up two sponsors - Nexmo for interacting with SMS messages and Pusher for Pub/Sub messaging.

If you want to check the code out check it out on Github or click the blog title to read more.

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A new Contentful powered blog
Oct 26, 2016 11:10

After Contentful sponsored Hackference this year - I was intrigued at just how easy it was to create a system that uses it.

I wasn't prepared for just how easy it was. From zero to a blog in less than an hour!

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