Bank Holiday Build - The Idea

Apr 14, 2017 08:04

TLDR; My idea is to build a diary system - but with a twist.

I’ve always wanted to keep a diary. Something to peruse when I was old, remembering all the awesome things (and the not so awesome) I used get up to. As technology and services like Twitter and Facebook became more and more prevalent I moved away from wanting to keep a diary - and tried to share my experiences on those platforms. Sharing socially is a great thing, - but sometimes - I felt I want to catalog personal experiences differently, and in the end I just didn’t catalog them at all, or just forgot to!

My idea is to build a diary system, as you can probably tell by now.

I’m going to put a small twist on the collection of data from users though by collecting experiences through the medium of voice. Once a day, my system will call you up (times setup by the user) and ask you to dictate your day. My system will then transcribe this to text, allowing you to search your diary, and even get weekly rundowns.

I’ve had some time to think about this idea, as it’s one of the ones I keep in my ‘Hackathon Bank’ - so I think I know how to build this up - whilst thinking about things like security (I don’t want anyone listening or reading my diary apart from me!), designs (I had wireframed a design, but I’ll be starting from scratch!) and even what I’ll do to actually put this live on Monday (open source or publish online etc).

Today will be getting a prototype made, and hopefully the start of a design for the front end! Keep an eye on Twitter and this blog for updates!