BankHolidayBuild - A busy third day!

Apr 16, 2017 19:04

Today has been a fun day - I’ve managed to really get a great deal done! The previous two days were productive as I managed to get a basic prototype built out (you can view that here) but I needed to get an actual design actually designed and made, as well as start looking at how I was going to manage users.

Its amazing how much you can get done in 8 hours - from a drawing to working code!

I started the day with needing to get security and a working design made to try and keep to my deadline of releasing a MVP tomorrow. I decided I would start by drawing some ideas on paper 📝

Wireframe - BHB

After I had my idea crudely drawn (it was much clearer in my head!) I started trying to mock it up in basic HTML. This was a quick process - which was handy as the design stage triggered extreme levels of procrastination - and I started getting this new design implemented with my web app!

First - BHB

You might even notice the logo I made for the system - still haven't thought of a name yet though!

I've also managed to get a full login system working with the abilty for a password-less system (we know the users mobile number, so auth though a code if they like - although we stil accept passwords!), basic setup wizard so you can set a time for the system to call each day and the start of what should be the subscription service if I go down the route of charging users for the service.

I've started to look at per-user based security - but I've started to notice myself getting tired and making silly little mistakes so its time to logoff for the day!

Lets hope day 4 tomorrow is just as good as today 😄🎉