BHB - Progress!

Apr 15, 2017 11:04

Work has progressed after yesterdays start - and I have managed to get quite a lot done this morning! I now have a system that can:

  • Call a user at a specified time of day
  • Re call user if they hung up or end the call without a recording
  • Take inbound calls
  • Transcribe calls
  • A basic front end where users can login and view diary entries!

Here is a little pitcure of what I have so far. Thanks Bootstrap 👍


So far I have been using the following API's

  • Twilio for calls. I did start with Nexmo, but got quite annoyed with the lack of dev tools. Twilio's debugging tools are incredible - and can really help when trying to work fast.
  • Google Speech API for transcribing. Twilio offer built in transcribing recordings, but its really quite poor. Google's Speech API has worked incredible so far - picking out the right text through a crowded coffee shop!

So - what am I going to work on next? Security. I want to look to encrypt both the recording file and content to only allow the user who recorded the diary entry to be able to listen and read their data. Can you help with this at all? I'd love to hear from you!