BHB - The Finished MVP

Apr 17, 2017 20:04

Its been a busy 4 days.

I've gone from Idea to MVP over this Easter bank holiday. My Diary idea (Read my first post about the idea here) has gone from ideas on a Trello board, to a system where I am nearly happy for real people to use.

So, why isn't it ready for the prime time yet Jake?

I need some more time to do a few more things that I have got really stuck on:

  • I've still not sorted the security of the system out completely. If encrypt both the recordings and text content of the diary entries, searching isn't possible. I need to get this sorted.
  • I don't have a name for the system! I was thinking CallDiary - but that sounds horrific. Can you help with any ideas?
  • I still need to complete my tests. Most of the system is covered, but during my rush this afternoon - I decided that I wouldn't worry about doing them. That was such a bad idea.

My aim is to put this system live for public use on Friday 17 April, 2pm. If you would like early access, and to potentially help - please fill out this form:

Google Form

In terms of timings, here is a small run-down of my work:

  • Prototype - 6 Hours (Friday & Saturday)
  • Design wireframing and HTML creation - 10 hours (Saturday PM and Sunday AM)
  • Feature work - 16 hours (Sunday PM & Monday)

Overall, with other commitments (mainly football and birthdays) I've managed to spend around 32 hours on this project, averaging 8 hours of work a day. I've played with new API's, API's I've used previously but not for a while (how good is the Twilio API 😍😍😍) and managed to design something I really like the look of.

I do hope you'll touch base with the system when it goes live on Friday (or maybe even sign up for an early look here). Thanks for reading 🙂