About JP

A little bit more about JP

I'm currently doing contract work for some pretty special clients at Wild Rocket Development Studio which I setup around Feb 2016. This work usually revolves around:

  • Creating business applications
  • Big data creation and assimilation
  • Creating bespoke, one-off technology experiences
  • Consulation work for clients with a specific need, such as SEO help, site improvements and how a business can integrate technology

The technology I use to create work for myself and clients is usually:

  • PHP - especially using the Laravel framework.
  • Python - amazing for Big Data and NN's
  • Cordova - amazing for creating mobile app's (espeically when time is of the essence)
  • Javascript - which is super powerful!

If you wish to have a chat about anything, feel free to reach out to me at jp@jakelprice.com.